About Kitten Cosmetics
Meet the Owner

Hi, gorgeous! My name is Kayla and I started Kitten Cosmetics in Vancouver, Canada. After being frustrated working in an industry with a serious lack of ethics and morality, I wanted to start a business where I could work primarily with and cater to women such as myself. Make-up has always been a hobby of mine and something I was constantly getting compliments on!  Being formerly in the entertainment industry, I had developed an unwavering standard for finding unique, non-toxic and high-quality beauty products that you don't constantly need to re-apply.  After many rough drafts and months of planning, Kitten Cosmetics was born in 2019. The company’s namesake comes from my cat, Boo, as both a reminder and a promise to never sell a product tested on animals! This is my inspiration for creating an accessible beauty line that you can count on being 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  Everything in the Kitten Cosmetics line is completely free of animal testing and animal products, so you can look and feel your best while knowing you are making positive choices doing so.



Owner, Kitten Cosmetics